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Behind Wall Multi-Purpose Unit - (Model #: MPU-8 or -9)

Satin-finish stainless steel. One piece seamless 22-gauge (0.8mm) flange provided with 1/4\” (6mm) return for rigidity. Door is mounted to cabinet with continuous stainless-steel piano-hinge and provided with tumbler lock keyed like other Gamco washroom accessories. Towel chute is hinged for loading. All welded construction.

MPU-8: 600 C-fold or 800 multi-fold towels, 6\” (152mm) deep with 1-1/2-gallon (5.7-L) capacity

MPU-9: 600 C-fold or 800 multi-fold towels, 4\” (102mm) deep with 1-gallon (3.8-L) capacity

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Multi-Purpose Units